Short Links

The Porter website has a number of useful short links defined to help you quickly navigate to project resources.

  • /find-issue: View all Porter issues labeled with “help wanted” and “good first issue”.
  • /board: The Porter project board, contains issues for all repositories.
  • /board/ISSUE+LABEL: View all issues on the Porter project board with the specified label, using a plus sign in place of spaces.
  • /roadmap: The Porter project roadmap.
  • /board/pull-requests: Open pull requests across all our repositories.
  • /REPO/src/FILE_PATH: Links to a source file in Porter repository on the main branch.
  • /src/FILE_PATH: Links to a source file in Porter’s main repository.
  • /twitter: The Porter Twitter account.
  • /slack: The #porter Slack channel.
  • /mailing-list: The Porter mailing list.
  • /zoom/dev: The Porter Community Meeting zoom link.
  • /dev-meeting: The Porter Community Meeting agenda and notes document.
  • /forum: The Porter discussion forum.
  • /devstats: The Porter project stats on the CNCF DevStats site.
  • /calendar: The Porter community calendar.
  • /videos: The Porter YouTube channel.
  • VERSION/FILE_PATH: Downloads a Porter release asset from our GitHub releases.